Switch to v1.1 for users time line feed on a website


I’m using this “https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=” to get the users time line feed and this doesn’t ask for authentication.
I have following two questions:

1.Will I be able to use the above mentioned url to get the feed even after the v1 of API is deprecated or I’ll have to switch to v1.1 of the API.

2.Also if I’ll have to switch to v1.1 what will be the process for authentication, can someone please point me an example in C# to get the feeds and authenticate the user.


Hi there,

  1. The URL you use, and the RSS format in general will be retired on June 11 and stop working. You will have to move to API v1.1.
  2. You can use app-only auth server-side as a way to retrieve tweets without user-based authentication. See [node:13439] for details on this simple process – all you need is a basic HTTP client.