Suspension of application, Part II


More than three days with my app suspended without exactly knowing the reason. Is this the way that Twitter calls “ASAP” in the messages sent after receiving my reports #11071952 & #11079350?

Unfortunately, it is obvious that Twitter has no consideration at all and treats developers very badly. If Twitter really cared, a detailed report would have (at least) been included in the suspension notice so that I could accelerate this tedious process in case my app needs modifications. However, I have to wait “eternally” just to know the real cause of this problem. I am afraid that a Twitter’s response will not be the end of this story, so it will be required to contact Twitter support in this way several times, which could result in a 3-year process, more or less?

This is indeed a shame and let me tell you that users (not only developers) are getting frustrated and sick of Twitter senseless attitude, and unless chances start coming, this social network will soon decline.

Twitter, if you decided to reply back, OK, I would appreciate it, so please do it. But, if you do not want to, please do us a favor and close down this network. You cannot pretend to run this without supporting people.