My twitter account was recently suspended and I was wondering how comes I wasn’t notified via email or sent a notification on twitter telling me about this? wasn’t there meant to be a procedure or something to suspending an account? I spoke to a person in my college and they told me that their account got shut down but they had to agree that they understand why it may get shut down if they carried on using a service to gain followers. They told me that one day they loged into their twitter and they were told that they were suspened and that to be un-suspened they would have to agree that they wouldnt carry on doing what they were doing. So they accepeted and their twitter was back online. Can you please tell me why That didnt happen to me or why I wasn’t warned of the consequences of the continuance of using the service before my account got shutdown?

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I agree I was suspended last night now back on but without any reason or rhyme as to why??? I am requesting which tweet and what reason for this action so I can know and not have it happen again??? So far nothing but I am going to stay on it and trying to call corp offices