Suspended write access - broken support form to submit my case - HELP!



Dear Twitter Team,

I am really frustrated today, because of a Twitter anti-bot software or whatever it was that wiped out my entire business by suspending writing access for my app, without any further clarification why or what should I fix/correct to get back on track as soon as possible.

I spent countless, sleepless nights going back and forth with some of your best people to assure my service is not breaking any ToS and I got THIS in return.

All I got is a dull, automated email saying about submitting a ticket on this page (support form) but this form DOES NOT WORK. I repeat, it does not work no matter what browser I try to use.

How is this even possible for the support to be so poor and inefficient in such critical situations? I have no idea.

Please do something! I put trust in your service and had the confidence to do it on behalf of my customers, I need solutions, not problems.



Hi Oliver - I’m really sorry that you’re having this issue.

Can you please confirm that when you use that form, you’re submitting a ticket from the account with which your app is registered, and that the app ID / name you’re submitting matches your suspended app? The form may not work if this is not the case, so I just wanted to check. Thank you.


Yes, I triple-checked it - it’s same account, same key, and a name of the app.

Also a small suggestion for the form - it will be great to add some error handling so we actually know why it’s not going successfully submitting.


You mentioned that you’d been in touch with the support team previously - were you previously able to have access for your app restored via the same forms?


No, my app was never suspended before, it’s happening first time ever.

I was in touch with them previously to get a clarity on what is and what is not allowed to make sure I comply with Twitter’s ToS and keep my users/customers safe.


@andypiper I have tried again and it finally worked! No idea what was the issue before.

Thank you in advance for looking into my case! Hopefully I can have a clear answer and action plan within next 48 hours.