Suspended for replying to harrassment and abuse


I made a video uncovering a certain e-celebrities shady business practices and lies on Youtube (It wasn’t even offensive in the least) the next day that certain person posts my personal information and basically tells his fans to attack me via twitter.

I get hundreds of abusive and threatening messages sent to me, i just respond calmly and point out he didn’t refute anything in my video and for him to tweet me himself.

He keeps blocking then unblocking me and so do his fans, they also seem to report every single tweet response I make in an attempt to get me suspended, they tried it on Youtube and it didn’t work so they went for twitter instead.

I was suspended the day after with no reason sent to me via email, I appealed it instantly with proof of him posting personal info even submitted another form… no reply at all for weeks.

It’s been 2 weeks now and my account @manlytearsuk is still suspended, how is this acceptable that someone with more followers can bully someone off Youtube by attacking them relentlessly with their followers?