Suspended both my apps without discussion



I have two tiny apps one for search via twitter streaming api one for saving my likes. Both these have been suspended without warning this week. There is no obvious breaking of any policy afaik. Usage limits were well within what they should be.

Why was mine targeted? I can still create new ones so I’ve went and recreated one for the time being.

This is strange. No one suspends apps without good reason. My account remains unaffected.


Hi there, as mentioned in the pinned post, we’re unable to comment on individual apps here, and the best approach would be to raise a ticket via the platform support help forms. There’s more on this here.

Also note that under the Guiding Principles in the Developer Policy, please do not create new applications in these situations. Thanks.

We appreciate your patience while this is under review once you’ve raised a case.

Twitter account marked as spam incorrectly

Thanks for pointing out that link. It wasn’t clear from the twitter docs where to open a case. I don’t think it’s really acceptable these days to expect devs to remain patient if they haven’t even been presented with a reason why the suspension happened in the first place.

If you suspend apps manually, you must be stating why at least internally otherwise how do you audit this? And if you do, it would be simple to send that detail out to the user affected.


Got an email saying they unsuspended my two apps. Except I checked back and they are still suspended. Can one arm please talk to the other and sort this out?


All three apps suspended now once again without explanation.


We’ve been very clear that we cannot assist via this forum. Please use the support form to contact the correct team that can deal with this.

Closing this thread.

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