Suspended accounts. (Multiples)


Recently I’ve had numerous Twitter accounts suspended. One of them before I even posted and then when I remade It, the same thing occurred. I didn’t mass follow or violate any of the rules. I emailed them back and within a few days to a week It’s generally restored, but five accounts later and now my friend’s account being suspended as well, I’m wondering what Is going on. I’m not receiving an email telling me what’s wrong and I’ve reported It numerous times as a possible attack against my group and asking for an Investigation, but I get no response back and they just restore them. It’s just a problem because It’s multiple accounts and we’re starting to get worried our older accounts are at risk. I know I’ve had some for years. I’ve noticed all the accounts suspended are relatively new. But then recently one I had have had for a month was gone. It was restored a few days later, but Twitter did not respond back to my email. I’ve been looking everywhere for possible answers and feel like I’m getting nowhere. I’d just like some answers so we can prevent It from happening again. Any help would be welcome.