Support for older tweets in search API?


Yesterday’s Twitter blog post entitled “Now showing: Older Tweets in search results” discusses how Twitter’s iOS, Android, and mobile apps will have access to much older tweets via their search function.

Will this access also be available via the search API? I can appreciate that it appears that it is fairly early in enabling deeper search and that there are many reasons not to do so at this point. But if there’s a roadmap for this for 3rd party API users, I’d be interested in learning about it.

Thank you!

(Apologies if this question has been asked already – I could not find any mentions)


Any information on that?
Simple query with until parameter set to more than a week ago does not seem to provide any results.


Any updates on this? I also see that does not return more than a week old tweets.


Me too. It seems the policy has not been implemented in API v1.1. Have you found any ways to access to old tweets? Please tweet me or email me at societyreader at Thanks.