Support for IAB HTML5 ads for direct advertising


I would like to be able to use tools such as Google Web Designer to create custom and performant HTML5 ads as described in the IAB standard:

Couple of things:
Since I see no to take on the IAB approach and place to upload the zip file with all the html source and image files…
Can I reference other files in the HTML?
Where would I put the other files, I assume I would provide external references?
If I could reference other files, would you be performant enough?

In summary:
I can’t see an obvious way to support a comprehensive html file I try to add a creative. Am I missing something?

P.S. I have been looking at MRAID to support expandable ads, but I’m not sure my direct advertisers are that sophisticated yet.



You or the advertiser would have to host the external files if you were to use a HTML direct serve creative. You can reference these files in the HTML and they should serve.