Support for Dynamically Added Meta Tags


Since it’s 2016 and the single-page application is on the rise, what is Twitter’s plan to support dynamically added meta tags?

The way my application works is no matter which URL the user requests, /index.html is returned and all routing is done on the client side (via React Router). This is great because my responses are static which means I can throw them behind a CDN for great, cheap performance around the world.

I then generate all content (meta tags included) dynamically on the client. This works great for SEO because Google executes my JS and understands that the response sent from my server isn’t representative of my content.

However, Twitter doesn’t seem to. Any ideas if or when support for this will be added?


Good question. At the moment I’m not aware of any plans to change the way that our crawler works.


It’s now 2017. Will Twitterbot be updated to support creating Twitter Cards from meta-tags dynamically generated via client-side JS? For comparison, Google old workaround method of indexing AJAX apps with specially crafted pages statically-cached server side was deprecated in 2015. This single fix (though probably no small effort on your end) would make the wider web developer community’s life so much easier, and would probably result in wider adoption of Twitter cards. Is there any security or technical concern that may be preventing this from moving forward or is it just lack of priority / interest?


This is not a high priority right now but we are aware of the request and interest in such a change.


Hey @carlosm_fernand thanks for this input. As I have repeatedly mentioned this is not a high priority for our team. I encourage you to re-read our community guidelines and seek to post more positive contributions in the future, thank you.


The only possitive contribution i may think of would be the adding of this API as Facebook has… but do as you want, anyway i hardly ever use twitter so i really couldn’t care less.


OK, thanks for the (belated) response. As I mentioned this is not on our immediate roadmap. I’ll close this out as a result.