Support backlog?


@andypiper - Is there another huge backlog for platform support? We got our application restricted randomly again (after a few months in the clear) and no response yet from support after 6 (!!!) days.

No automation going on, no auto-tweets, no auto-DMs, nothing spammy at all.

I know you handle the forums, etc. and don’t respond directly to the platform support tickets but is there a reason to your knowledge for the excessive delay? When could I expect to hear back?

Thanks for all of your support past and present!


UPDATE: Just saw and read the new automation rules. We have immediately made changes to our application completely eliminating anything related to mentions or auto direct messages (including welcoming new followers, etc.) as per the rules update. (As a side note, we had already mostly eliminated this but there were remnants of it lingering around).

We still, however, have not heard anything from platform on our application. This is the 9th day since we filed our ticket and we’ve heard nothing… :cry:

What can we do to get someone to look into our case?