Support Auto Layout for native ad views



Please support using auto layout for native ads on iOS. The auto layout constraints in my custom native ad view, particularly intrinsic content size, is not working.


Hi @yood,

Thanks for reaching out! We do not currently support auto layout for iOS. It is something we are currently looking into, however we have not received many requests for this functionality thus far. If you want, you can feel free to reach out to the Support Team at with the details of your specific use case and the team can help you determine the best setup for your app.



Got it. Thanks.


@yood We shipped an update to iOS that now supports auto layout in 4.6. Thanks!

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@borislogvinskiy Is there any documentation for this? Also, can’t find any mention of this in the changelog


Hi @yood,

Thanks for following up! We wanted to clarify that while auto-layout is supported, the APIs are not exposed externally at this time.