Summary with Large Image Card not showing up when whitelisted site page is tweeted


Hey y’all, I got my test site approved for Summary with Large Photo cards, added the appropriate metadata, and validated this link, but can’t get the card to show up in my tweets.

Not all of the pages on the site support the SwLP card due to the nature of their content, but the news articles definitely have the right tags to support it.

Sample URL:

This page has passed the validator and looks lovely in the preview. I’ve tried adding a query string to the end to force a server recache on anything was caching, and that had no effect.

I checked our robots.txt file and the only thing that might have an effect was a crawl-delay command of 10 seconds, which I temporarily disabled in the process of troubleshooting, which ALSO had no effect.

Anybody got any brilliant ideas?


Hi there!

I am seeing it now when I tweet that URL.

Sometimes we have a caching delay. In particular, I know that some heroku apps have a “wake up” period, in which case our system may fail the 1st time, and do a backoff-retry much later.

Hope this helps, and thanks for implementing the Card. Looks great!



Weird, I STILL don’t see a card for that link when I tweet that URL. Here are the further troubleshooting steps I took:

  • Re-posting the link to my Twitter feed (no card)
  • Adding a query string to the article’s URL to force another server recache on my end (still no card)
  • Linking by copy/pasting the link into Twitter instead of going through our Gigya share bar (still no card)

Thanks for your help this far! Any other ideas on what could be happening?


Hi OPB, how are you including the meta tags? I just took a look myself and I do not see any meta tags for the page you provided whether I use a browser or fetch as the Twitterbot.


Hey, thanks for checking in. Since I was having no luck getting the cards to show up for me for whatever reason, I had to move on to solving another problem, which required that I push a different development branch to the staging server for review…a branch that doesn’t have the meta tags in the article template. When I resolve this other issue, I’ll merge in the branch that DOES have the meta tags, and stick that all back up on the staging server. And then everything should be super duper.

I’ll make sure to follow up in this thread when I’ve pushed the merged results up to staging, just in the interest of closure.