Summary with large image card failing to load image


Running into a strange issue while setting up meta tags for a summary with large image. The card passes the validator (doesn’t return any errors) but then 404s the image preview.

The url in question is and the twitter:image:src tag specifies as the large image. I’ve checked against size constraints (both dimension and filesize) and don’t see any issues there. The robots.txt is also setup correctly.

Only thing I can think of is a file format issue with the large image registering as a .bmp file and I don’t know if Twitter supports .bmp images. Other than that, any ideas?



I am also getting a similar issue.
I have a website with dual culture (English and arabic).
On the english language website, when i tweet, i can see the image on Twitter. However on the Arabic site when tweeting, only the title and description are appearing and images are not appearing on the tweet. An example URL i have shared is :الجمال/العناية-بالبشرة/مقالة/حلول-للتخلّص-من-الهالات-السوداء-حول-العين

I have enabled TwitterBot and also my domain is whitelisted successfully.

Any help why this is happening will be most welcome.