Summary Twitter Card showing wrong image


Hi there

I’m testing out first Twitter Card after our approval, but it seems to pull in the wrong image!

Post I am testing is:

Image(s) I have tried in the meta/HTML code:


The resulting tweet in each case looks like:
(which features the image embedded into the blog post, which just doesn’t work here)

After reading the documentation and using the preview tool, I have tried both twitter:image and twitter:image:src and still get the wrong image pulled in.

Any clues?


Sorry - should also mention this is the code I embedded in the HTML editor of the post. We also use SEO by Yoast which may be overriding this? If so, how do I overcome this? Thanks again!


Hi there,

This is likely because:

1.) The image provided in twitter:image is less than 120x120. If you resize, it’ll show up properly.
2.) As a result, we’re pulling from the fall back og:image, which is the image you’re seeing.



Thanks Ryan - what an oversight - I’ll see how I get on!