Summary link shown but when I click to view, the card does not appear



I’ve added summary_large_image cards to two sites and received approval for both. My metadata passes validation and looks fine. However, when I tweet, the entry appears with the 'View Summary" link, as though it knows it exists. However when I click on the ‘View Summary’ I just get a line and the same data I would see if I had clicked expand.

Here are two example urls for the two sites I’ve recently had approved.:-

Both URLs pass validation.

I even tried tweeting from another site that uses summary cards (not my own) and got the same result! Am I doing something wrong here?




Would like to add that it seems to work fine on the Twitter mobile web site but not on the main site.


OK. I’ve taken my stupid pill and hence resolved this now. Just being dumb!


Thanks for the update, and apologize for the delay in response!