Summary Large Image Sizes Problem


I have a problem with “Summary Large Image”. I tried to get the best resolution. At least i used 600x321. When i debugging with card validator it seems good but i see difference on tweet.
I thought it is about caching and followed on this document steps to clear cache but it doesn’t effect anything.

On Tweet

Thanks a lot for any help.

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I posted some information about card image sizes on this other thread a few days ago. It may help you to optimise the size.



I also just noticed this same problem starting today.

We use the size 1200/628 for our images which has always showed up fine, until twitter seemed to have changed the way it displays Summary Large Image Cards

Here is an example tweet

And here is the image it is displaying

it looks like it is cutting out a 628/628 Image instead of using a rectangular image like it used to. Is there an aspect ratio to use to fix this? In the other thread you said a 2:1 ratio would be fine which this falls under (approx 1.91)

Please let us know whats going on here as our cards look terrible and im not sure if I should be fixing things or if this is a twitter bug.


Asking around, it appears that not everyone is having problem viewing the same card so it is not a universal issue. It also is fine for me in incognito which leads me to believe there may be some a/b testing going on with some accounts seeing different things?

This is what it looks like on my logged in account:

This is what it looks like in incognito:


Thanks I’ll pass along as I believed the 1.91 aspect should work.


It looks like the problem is still there even after using an image with 2:1 aspect ratio. Is there anything else we could try? It’s very important for the images to be shown entirely.

Thanks for your help.


Hello again,

Still I didn’t find best solution after i tried different ways. Cards are cropping as a square when queried by Twitter. That is the problem. As you can see on below.
Now i find my terrible solution. The solution is adding background bigger than original image.

Image sizes 815x544

On Tweet


Same problem starting yesterday. The image in summary cards are being stretched, though in card validator looks perfect. WHY?


Looking into this.


Just wanted to check in and see if there was any update to this.

For anyone that is affected by this, cards look really bad. Its also unclear just how many people are actually affected by this issue.

Any update on the matter would be greatly appreciated as it would help figure out how we should proceed here (whether it makes sense to spend the time to temporarily alter cards until this issue is resolved).


There is a strong likelihood that this is related to experiments around card display, and may differ on an account-by-account basis (or look different logged-in vs logged-out). My advice would currently be not to spend time on attempting to fix as a site owner until this settles out.


Are the experiments conducted in the Production system? Can you please ask them to revert the changes and maybe try them and thoroughly QA them somewhere else instead?


You can read more about how and why we run experiments on our blog. I’ve already passed on the feedback from this thread that this seems to be resulting in unexpected display behaviour for a small number of users.


I’d argue it isn’t a small number of users. Jumping in just to let you know it’s affecting others in a travel blogging community I’m a member of, and I’m also affected. I believe it has nearly been a week now…


Thanks again for the feedback, which I’ve passed along. There should be no need to adjust your card implementation at present, as this behaviour is likely to be temporary and only for certain users or browsers. Should we have concrete plans to change the ways in which cards display in the future, you can expect an announcement on this topic


Now on my home feed, Summary Large Image is showing up as a small image. (On an individual twitter accounts page it shows up as a large image still, though still zoomed in and broken)

This is getting extremely frustrating. This has been broken for nearly a week now, and instead of getting a fix we get something that breaks it even more. I know this is not your fault, but from our end it seems like a very long time for an experiment that appears broken to continue to run.


Thanks for the comment.

First of all, the way that experiments are run is on varying sizes of user samples, so while I accept that this is frustrating for you personally, not all accounts will necessarily encounter the same experience (and in most cases it will be a very small number of users that see a particular version of a layout).

We do meticulously test and analyze the results of potential layout changes and variations, so this is part of Twitter’s development process.

It is difficult to guarantee display formats in every context. This is something that I think we can refer to more clearly in our various pieces of documentation, from the Cards section to the Web embed section.

We apologize for frustrations this is causing to some of you, but this is relatively restricted on a day-by-day and account variation basis, and at the moment there is nothing to announce about specific changes to card displays.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


This started more than 2 weeks ago and autopublish is the only options some of us have based on the volume of articles.

Cant do it all manually to physically attach the picture.

It’s a horrible inconvenience.


I understand the frustration - however, the majority of users will continue to see the card images as expected.


This isn’t really satisfactory when twitter is the main window to a lot of people’s businesses.