Summary_large_image shows as summary card on twitter


When i am viewing my cards on card validator ,the cards are showing as summary_large_image but when twitted on twitter they turn to summary card.

Only some tweets turns to summary card while rest are showing as summary_large_image card.
All looks good on card validator but are in consistent on twitter



When did this start happening? Is this on the web, or only on mobile?



I did not notice until i tweet couple of blog posts.
It is on web.
And yesterday i tweet one post it was showing as summary card and when i posted today it was showing summary_large_image.
I do not know whats going on as it is not for all tweets it is for some random tweets.



I was noticing this since from yesterday


Is this consistent on the web, or only on the iOS or Android clients?

We often run experiments to optimise how cards are displayed on different platforms so this may or may not affect your experience.



It is showing same thing on web and mobile clients.


Can you share the specific user, timeline, and individual Tweet links where you’re seeing this behaviour?

Can you also please clarify whether this is in the timeline or Tweet detail views?



So i am trying to tweet the blog posts on our website and it has meta tag for summary large image even though it is showing as summary card when posted on twitter.
Here is a sample url for the blog post that should appear as summary large image card but showing as summary card:



Just posted it and it shows as a summary large image as expected.


When i posted it earlier it was not showing as summary large image but now it does.
Its so weird it was not showing yesterday for the entire day .
Do you know what will be the issues for such causes? may be the caching?



Yes, it could well be caching.


So is it the twitter caching or the browser caching?


If you changed the tags from summary to summary_large_image then the original data may be cached by Twitter’s crawler for up to 7 days. That’s my best guess at the behaviour you may have just seen here.


hello dear,

Can you please try this one:
Because some of the posts randomly are not displaying correctly.



Is there way to clean up the twitter’s crawler cache?



You can learn more about troubleshooting cards in the documentation.


sure thank you


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