Summary Large Image not displaying



Hi all… I am trying to implement the Summary Large Image to be displayed in the tweets I do. I believe I’ve added the correct meta tags to the site header, yet when I try to test my page URL in the Card Validator I am getting the message “ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: DnsResolutionRequestTimeout”.

This is the page I am testing -

If anyone could help and tell me where I am going wrong I’d really appreciate it, thank you.


This seems to be working fine in the validator now, so hopefully this was just a temporary issue.


The Card shows in full inside the Validator but once published it’s “zoomed in”, basically just a portion is displayed. And this is on all my linked account. Facebook shows just fine.


The issue of “zoomed” images is discussed (and explained) on this thread. Closing this as the original poster’s issue was resolved and the follow-up question was unrelated.