Summary Large Image card works on the validator but the image doesn't show



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Summary Large Image card works on the validator but the image doesn’t show. My users are requesting that the image issue gets sorted out asap.

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I was using the OG image which works on Facebook and LinkedIn, but was failing on twitter. I have added the specific twitter image meta tag but still no luck. I’ve checked that the twitter bot is NOT getting blocked. What other issues could it be?

Thank you so much!


You need to use the absolute URL to the image on the image tag, including the http and the full domain. You’ve currently got it as a relative link.


Hey Andy,

Thanks so much for the quick response. I am updating now and we will deploy out to our staging environment for testing soon. I was following the documentation but didn’t see anything about the full url. Both our og image and twitter image have a relative path so if thats a requirement then that makes sense.

Thank you again! Hopefully we are good to go!

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