Summary large image card not working. Card Validator says "Not Whitelisted"


I have added twitter card meta tags for my website, but when I am using Twitter card vaidator, it says
“WARN: Not whitelisted
WARN: this card is redirected to



Please see this troubleshooting post.

I just tried to load your page in a browser (Chrome on OS X), and also via curl -L -A Twitterbot -v

I see no Cards markup in the site. In fact the contents looks quite different in the browser to what you show in your screenshot.


Hi @andypiper

I have already gone through your troubleshooting post.
We have two sites (One for mobile and the other for desktop). The twitter card meta tags has been added only for mobile site. So, please access the mobile site via mobile compatible view and then do “View page source”, then you’ll be able to see the meta tags for twitter card (same screenshot shared above).

To access the mobile site, /m after /tienda is important and the browser should be in mobile view. Attaching screenshot for your reference below.

Kartikey Singh


Well, the mobile site redirects (on the command line via curl) to the desktop site, which is what the card crawler will see when it attempts to render the card. You’ll need to fix that, otherwise the card crawler will never see your tags.


@andypiper Thanks for the update.

So, should I also add the same tags for the desktop site?
Also, right now, I have added the tags only for the product details page. Do I need to have the twitter card tags for the homepage as well?


You need to put valid tags on whatever page the crawler will end up receiving (you can test that using curl -A Twitterbot - the crawler does not pretend to be a mobile device). Currently this is the desktop page, as I demonstrated above.

You can add tags on any pages of your site that you like. I’d suggest just the ones where you think the URLs will be shared in Tweets. Really this is up to you.


@andypiper Thanks for the information.


Can you help me with this same problem? ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:text:description)