Summary Large Image Card not visible in my tweets


I am using “summary_large_image”, but my image is not included in my tweets…

The card validated successfully.
Do you have any suggestions?



Robert Seymour


It looks like you’re posting a link to the image in your Tweet, not the link to the page where you’ve added the card markup? This Tweet works perfectly with your card.


Thanks Andy. That worked.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Here too where it really matters -


Tomorrow, hopefully it will include the new BirdBreath cartoon


BTW - is there way to specify a height so my vertical cartoon will completely fit?

I did not see it here:


No, the images are cropped to a fixed 2:1 size, the dimensions are listed on the documentation for the summary large image card.


My goal is to display the current day’s cartoon M-F in the image.

My Perl script copies today’s cartoon to a static image twitter_image.png which is in today’s tweet.

However today’s tweet includes an un-updated image showing in the card validator image above.

Is it possible to update it daily?



The card crawler caches content for 7 days, so unfortunately there’s no way to do this with a single URL.


Do you have any suggestions?

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