Summary Large Image Card displaying incorrect data


Hi there. Help! Our Summary Large Image Cards are set up on the individual story pages linked from and being read by the validator and in live tweets but the data they display does not match the meta tags. The cards are showing information about completely different stories.

For example, when I ran the validator on this page: the card renders a title, image, and summary that does not appear in that page’s meta tags. Validator screenshot:

We’re seeing incorrect card data on actual tweets as well. Here’s an example:

At no point was there a bug (that we were aware of) that was displaying incorrect data, so we don’t think Twitter is caching our mistake. Anything we can do to fix?

Incorrect metadata displayed for tweeted link / summary card

Hey @ginatrapani - thanks for asking about this. Apologies, but I was on vacation for a week or so. I’ll check with the teams involved when I’m back in the office. Bear with!


Thanks Andy, but the errors were too egregious to keep the cards in place. I’ve removed the meta tags entirely (looked pretty bad with totally different content showing up).


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