Summary Image Large not appearing



I’m having an issue with the Summary Large Image displaying on the cards. Our domain * has been whitelisted on the platform and has the appropriately sized image applied to the card (1200x627 currently, but have tried numerous others).

The coding on the site is correct, as well as the validator saying it’s able to locate the image. For Example:

Any idea as to why the image doesn’t appear when we post the tweet or in the preview of the validator?



NightCulture…I’m having the same issue. Have you found a solution? Thanks.


@NightCulture, please provide an example URL. Thanks.


Page in question:


Thanks, @NightCulture.

The immediate issue is the URL provided for twitter:image:src needs a protocol (‘https:’). The protocol is not assumed from the hosting page, like a browser would.

You may also run into an issue with robots.txt. See this documentation for more info.