Summary cards: Twitter server has stopped resolving all urls on my site


Summary cards have not been working for new posts at since May 23. Old posts still display the cards, but there are no summary cards appearing for posts made after May 23. The validator is claiming “unresolved address” for ANY url at that I enter, including the urls of the old posts for which the summary cards remain working. There is a problem at Twitter’s side.


I’ve got this problem too! Still not fixed though? :slight_smile:


The problem is persisting.

  1. I use Twitter summary cards for all posts at , so the problem of summary cards not displaying applies to all the urls on that site which I’ve posted after May 23.

  2. The validator is claiming “unresolved address” for all urls on my site, old and new. It is even saying this for older urls where the summary cards are still working.


I get a timeout just when clicking on the link to your site liste in #1 here, that is the most likely cause of the failure, our indexer might be timing out when trying to reach your server…


Timing out? I think that’s highly unlikely, because all descriptions and images at which were posted on or before May 23 appear ok in my Twitter feed.

Also, other social media is having no problems, eg my Facebook OGP code works fine, as do the RSS feeds.

So, the ball’s in your court. I and many others have this problem, which is caused by Twitter’s code or servers. It is a widespread issue.


I’m facing similar issues lately.

The validator says “Invalid Card Type”, but I’m not sure why. I haven’t changed the twitter markup.


Yes, indeed there is a fault(s) with the validator, plus something on the Twitter server(s), code or settings, is causing my cards and those of many others to malfunction. I hope Twitter rectifies these problems, which are definitely at their end. Good luck with sorting yours out.


+1 for my site and my page:
Good luck everyone…


I am running my website url in validator url an getting
The validator says “Invalid Card Type”,

But before few hours it was working fine what was the issue. Please guide


The validator is still returning “unresolved address” and still noone’s done anything about it. This problem has persisted since May and it’s nothing to do with being “timed out”. Others are having the same issue. - See also

So, Twitter, what are you going to do to fix the problem, which is at your end?


I can confirm that from the perspective of the internet connection I have right now that is unreachable. Whether I use curl, traceroute, ping, or otherwise – I cannot contact your server.

It indicates that there’s some kind of networking error between your servers and Twitter’s and/or some other intermediary network provider.

Do you use shared hosting? If so, which?