Summary Cards not shown until URL is validated



I have implemented summary cards meta tags for our blogs site

The validator says that the website is validated and the summary cards shows up fine for me.

But this only works for the URLs that I validate using the validator and not otherwise. Shouldn’t summary cards work regardless of whether the URLs have been validated before or not as long as they have the right meta tags?

For instance:
NOT Validated and the summary card DOES NOT show up:
Validated and the summary card does show up:


Any help is highly appreciated.


I’m seeing very inconsistent performance with that site, sometimes the validator fails with request time outs, and other times it works. Are you posting the shortened links, or the full URLs?


The shortened links. I can change my code to post the full URLs if that would help!


I’m guessing that if your full domain URL is whitelisted, then it might not work if you’re using a shortener. Additionally, I’m still a bit concerned about how inconsistent the performance of the site is, which could also be a contributing factor.


But what could be a reason for it? Its the same URL that it works and doesnt work at times on validator.


Also its not like the page is not responding…the page on the site is always up.


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