Summary cards not showing on mobile timeline



Hi. I can’t figure out why my tweets with summary cards are not showing in mobile. I can see the card on web just fine (clicking view summary), but there are nowhere to be found in the iphone twitter app.



Can you show us any example URLs exhibiting this behaviour? Is this in Twitter’s own iOS client, on the mobile web, or in a third-party client?


Hi Andy, sure

So this tweet has a card: but is not showing on Twitter’s own IOS client.

This tweet (is the only I could find): does show the card on Twitter’s own IOS client, but only sometimes.

Both links have automated creation for the cards. The only difference is that one has a photo and the other one doesn’t (or at least it should be the only difference)



I agree this is really odd! I can’t see anything obvious that would suggest why these wouldn’t work more smoothly :confused:


So technically, all of the cards should automatically appear on Twitter’s own IOS app?
Should they appear only when the tweet is clicked or directly in the timeline?

Is there anything I can do to look further into this?



Technically, yes. You shouldn’t need to click on those, they are summary cards.

I wondered whether the URL shortener is somehow interfering with the results, but quickly testing that in one of my test accounts seems to show the same results with the full regular URL, i.e. card not rendering.

I’m not sure what to do to resolve at the moment!


Have you had this kind of problems before? I couldn’t find a post directly commenting on this.

Thank you very much!


I am having similar problems with summary cards not appearing

As you can see, not all summary cards are displaying. Oddly, if I now go to the card validator and run them through, they WILL after that point appear in the timeline