Summary Card won't display images



I know this question was asked many many times.

Yet I couldn’t find my answer in other post.

I tried 2 card

Both have the meta, but the value inside isn’t the same.

Everything is working, except the image. The image won’t display.

I checked my robots.txt, it’s empty. I tried a tiny url to reset the crawler, no luck. I tried to change the image, no luck.

I tried everything I found her, but still no images.

Anyone could help me with this?

Thank you!


Unfortunately I receive an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to access your site, so I’m unable to check. The validator times out trying to connect, too.


Wow really? My host might have an issue.

Right now it’s working, is it still an issue on your side?


See it now. Just taking a look.


OK - your twitter:image tag needs to have a full URL to the image in it (right now you have what we call a “relative” reference, without the full https://yourdomain on the front). That’s likely the issue.



Don’t know why I didn’t think about that.

Thank you Andy piper!!


As the troubleshooting post explains, the only card type requiring whitelisting is a player card.

There is no twitter:card tag in your page. Please carefully review the troubleshooting guide. We cannot provide more detailed assistance unless you have done so. Thank you.