Summary Card with Large Images heavily pixelated


Sorry to burden an already extensive exchange on Summary Cards with Large Images. I have taken the time to read exchanges and documentation but do not find an answer to my issue.
Quality images are crucial to my business (permaculture gardening).

  1. I produce images in 1600x800 (2:1) - a photo in the background and a short line of text. The idea being that this is a size that works with Twitter and Facebook.
  2. The pictures look very good in the Twitter card validator, and the desktop and the iPhone
  3. They look very bad on iPad, the image is complete, BUT text and image very pixelated, looks really shabby.
  4. If I tweet inserting the same image manually, it looks perfect (text and image) on the iPad too.

I presume this has to do with the picture squeezing algorithm used by Twitter? But I do see Summary Cards with Large Images that are not pixelated, both text and photos, for example The Economist.

I guess I have to revert back to inserting pictures manually.

Unless someone in this Forum “knows the secret”.

Thanks for your returns, Doris


Can you share a URL that demonstrates this issue?


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