Summary card with large image



i have to add summary cards of twitter meta tags in my website.May i know the possible values for summary_large_image.


The Summary Card with Large Image page should provide the information you’re looking for.


Dear Sir,
I added summary card with large image in my website. Validator is ok but without image shown.!

When I tweet, nothing is shown in my tweet. My picture is 2:1(1000X500) 138K.
I checked my robots.txt, user-agent: * is there. My website address is Where is the trouble then?
Thanks and best regards.


<meta name="twitter:image" content="{content:ico}">

This is not a valid image URL so the card renderer is unable to do anything with this data.


Dear Andy,
Thank you so much for your quick response.

I have asked the web developer to adjust it accordingly. It is OK now.

How long will it take to show my twitter card in my tweets please? 'cos I tried many times but nothing happened in my tweets.

Thanks & best regards.


Andy Piper 于2019年1月3日周四 上午11:07写道:


Hi @jygcasting1 - Your card should show pretty much instantly in your Tweets.

I tried sharing the link from a test account and it worked well:


Dear Aurelia,
Thank you so much for your test, I have checked it, it is really good.

But I tried quite a few times this morning, there is no picture shown in my tweets.

Would you please check it again for me?

Thanks & best regards.



Aurelia 于2019年1月3日周四 下午7:31写道:


The card image will only show in a Tweet after it is posted. Are you expecting the card to show when you click a “share” link on the web?


Dear Andy,
So nice to hear from you again!

Yes, I have post many test tweets, but no picture is shown. So, I deleted them after the tests. It is like this every time.

I deleted them because they should not stay there long, or people will think I am spamming! I have tried more than twenty times since yesterday.


Have a nice day, Andy!

Thanks & best regards.



Andy Piper 于2019年1月4日周五 上午10:14写道:


Can you please provide idea specific URLs that do not appear to generate cards that concern you. Thank you.


Dear Andy,
I have put the twitter under the, My twitter is @jygcasting1.The preview is OK for some days, but until now, it is not shown in my tweets. I have tried many times, and deleted some test tweets to avoid misunderstanding of spamming.

Would you please check it and help solve the problem soon? 'Cos I am not a developer, and my website will be handed over to me soon. After that, any further readjustment will be charged.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards.



Andy Piper 于2019年1月5日周六 上午6:06写道:


None of the Tweets you’ve posted screenshots of appear to contain the URL. You need to post the URL in a Tweet for a card to be shown.


Dear Andy,
Thank you so much for you reply at weekend.

I have posted some tweets containing my URL, but twitter card is not shown there as expected.

Would you please help to find where the trouble is.

Thanks & best regards.



Andy Piper 于2019年1月5日周六 下午7:51写道:


Hi andy,
Card Validator shows Unable to render Card preview. But most of the times it shows ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.
Site URL:

When I share, it shows only text content(Title & url). Can you help me on this


Your card is only working on the specific URL variant - there are SSL issues with non-matching server name on the non-www variant, and the non-SSL protocol does not work at all.


You need a fully-qualified domain name, not a dotted IP. Check the troubleshooting post.


Dear Andy,
So nice to get your quick response.

After I added https, it works finally! Thank you so much!

Yes, it seems to work only with https(SSL), I tried http, the twitter card failed to show, however, the preview is normal, but with a redirect warning.

I will contact you if I have other trouble with twitter card.

Thank you again! I really appreciate it so much!

Have a nice day!

Best regards.



Andy Piper 于2019年1月6日周日 下午6:55写道: