Summary card with Large Image not working



Summary card with Large Image not working, even in your demo example

I posted this url and this too not showing image, all information is correct with all the tags as per the validator

Let me know if I missed anything.


Thanks for pointing out the issue with the docs - we spotted that today, and unfortunately the source image for that card is not longer present, so we will need to update that example.

In your case, per our troubleshooting post, I checked your image URL and discovered that it is blocked by your robots.txt file. You’ll need to fix that before the image will display.


you are welcome. actually seeing the demo not working, I thought some API might have changed, so I didn’t tried ,much in my case.
thanks Andy for the solution and that too fast. I will update my robot.txt


In my robot.txt I removed all the codes, only single line code exist now
User-agent: *

still card not showing summary large image in the validator


Thanks for no help, even no response.


The card is working in the validator for me, when did you last re-check it? there’s a good chance that this was caused by the seven day cache on the crawler re-checking your site.


Thank you Andy. Yes it is working fine now. sorry I haven’t checked before posting my today’s response.