Summary card with large image not working



I set up Twitter cards for our site a while back with the Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress, and I have it set to summary cards with large images. However, it has been posting the regular summary cards (smaller images) like this one.

The meta data on our site says content=“summary_large_image” but only the regular summary cards show up on Twitter. Is it a problem with our wordpress theme, or maybe our “featured image” sizes? Any ideas on ways I can troubleshoot/fix this?



You’ve actually got two instances of the Twitter card markup on your page, and one of them contains twitter:card content="summary" so that’s being picked up by the validator. You can see that if you paste your URL into the card validator, where it picks the summary and not summary_large_image. I don’t know where that card markup is coming from, but it does look like Yoast is adding the correct tags, you’ll just have to track down where the competing tags are coming from.


Thanks, Andy! I found the duplicate markup, and our large summary cards are now working.