Summary Card with Large Image does not display image


Description of issue: Summary card with large image not displaying image

The URL is:

[Troubleshooting steps]: I have found that the https version of the site won’t work for the card validator, so I’ve used the http version. The image tag is present in the metatags, I can see the image when copy and pasted into URL, robots.txt doesn’t block it… what am I missing?


HTTPS is not working for you as your site does not support strong enough SSL protocols. Unfortunately, your twitter:image tag is also using the https protocol, and the cards crawler is unable to fetch the image.


I thought that may be the case but when I modify the image tag to use http, it still doesn’t work… in any case, we will be migrating to a new server and renewing our SSL certs within a couple months. I guess the issue will be resolved at that time, but was hoping for a fix sooner.

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