Summary Card not working


Hello, I am get approved for summary card my website But until now the summary card not working.

Please Help


Hi @techsou,

It looks like your page does not have the twitter:card tag on it. You can see an example at the bottom of this page:


Thanks @rchoi

I have tag on my page !!

Please help


Great, I see the tags now.

Can you try this technique to refresh the cache?


Thanks, Not working :frowning:

Please Help


I am trying everything, Still not working !!!


Hello @techsou,

Could you please have another look now? I can see your summary card displaying for


Thanks for reply, Until now not working See image below :


Why you don’t help me ???


Hi @techsou,

I tweeted your URL and see this:

It appears the Card works. However, there’s not much info. It’s likely because the tags you have don’t have much info:

In particular, for the summary Card fill out the image:src and description tags and try the below URL to refresh the cache and view your updates:



Why when i use old link from my website it’s work very well ???



Until now not working, I do everything !!


Hi @techsou,

Sorry, I’m not sure why. The caching might have been the issue. If you can give me a specific URL and a question, I can look further.




OK see these links:

Working fine !!!