Summary card not validating despite tags being present



I’ve checked all the related posts on here including the round-up of what to do next and followed all the steps, but still no solution. Issue is happening on all my product pages, but as far as I can see the meta tags are all present and correct on view source. Issue is only occurring on product pages, index page works fine. Getting the error “no metatags found”.

Example URL:

What am I missing?




Product cards are not supported any more and were retired over a year ago.

You should also check that your site is correctly returning the tags to the Twitterbot user-agent as well as to a browser.


The only reason the page currently has product card code is because the summary code wasn’t working. I thought I might as well try it!

How do I check the tags are returning to Twitterbot user agent? I’m not exactly an expert! :slight_smile:


I don’t see any tags in the second page. The first one has tags, but the values for description and image are blank, and you have smart quotes around your meta names, so the Cards validator cannot understand them.



What do I add after ‘content=’ for description, title and image that
scrapes the detail of a specific page within my domain? Eg. for

<meta name=twitter:card content="summary_large_image" />
<meta name=twitter:description content= "???" />
<meta name=twitter:title content="???" />
<meta name=twitter:site content="@MySydney" />
<meta name=twitter:image content="???"/>



Many sites use a CMS like Wordpress or Blogger, and use variables to add that data. If you’re manually editing a static site, you’ll need to add the content yourself. The values and the way they are used are described in our Cards documentation. Note that you’ll need to host the images yourself, and add the publically-accessible urls to the twitter:image tag.


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