Summary card not showing image... sometimes



We recently moved from player cards to summary cards at the request of Twitter, and went live with the implementation a couple of days ago.

We’re now receiving complaints of the summary image not showing, both on the web and on the Twitter mobile app (so far only complaints from Android).

When testing the url with the validator tool, it correctly shows the image 100% of the time, but I can confirm the transient failures on both web and mobile myself.

The url in question is . is an example of a tweet that uses this url.

I’ve seen that others have a similar problem as well.


I was just now able to get an error to pop in the validator, saying it timed out trying to fetch the image. How long is this timeout? Is it different on the validator versus the actual implemention? Does the live site cache the fact that the image timed out? How long doe sit cache for?

It still fails far more often over the web and mobile that it does via validator, so I’m assuming some level of caching, but it’s not clear how long that cache lasts.