Summary card not displaying image with overlay from Cloudinary



Hello there,

I am currently working on the new Opéra de Paris website that uses Cloudinary as an images CDN.

In order to display a copyright on each image, I am using the Cloudinary API text overlay parameter.

As an exemple, twitter:image meta contains the following url :©%20Cyrus%20Cornut%20%2F%20Dolce%20Vita%20%2F%20Picturetank%2Cw_315%2Cx_5%2Cy_5/v1/user_photos/yuhfiukjubiiyz0dotrf.

That kind of url is successfully displayed by Facebook meta scraper. It was also working great with Twitter Cards before adding the copyright transformation.

Any idea how I could encode/format those urls so that Twitter cards can display images correctly ?



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I’m not certain whether our Cards crawler can in fact support a URL in that extended format. If no image is showing up at all, that could be the issue. I’d need to talk to the Cards team to check on this in more detail.

One other thought that comes to mind is to ask whether you’re trying to modify an image in an existing page that has cards markup, or trying to do this on a “fresh” page. Twitter Cards have a caching mechanism (explained in the troubleshooting guide), so if you’re not seeing an image update, it might be related to the 14 day refresh period.


Thanks for the quick reply, Andy.

No image is showing up and I just tried on a “fresh” page to the same result.


In that case my guess is that the crawler is probably stumbling on the URL format. I don’t have any alternative suggestion at the moment, unless there’s some way for cloudinary to generate a static image with the overlay embedded without those dynamic parameters.