Summary card missing ( help )


summary card missing can someobne help my and show every to fix this , i read troubleshooting but i sill confuses how to fix it

summary card sometime show and sometime not , but most of it showing


Please read through the pinned post and provide more details based on your testing results and specific site URLs.


Note that links via the shortener may not contain the relevant metadata so please verify.


actually i not understand at all how to fix this probelm can someone show me every step to fix this ( summary image is missing )

incule how to create robot.txt what other thing need to do , thank


What links have this issue? You have posted a link to a Twitter account not to a website implementing cards markup.


the image is appear

but in this the image not appear

how to fix this


What specific individual links that you are posting on Twitter display this issue. Please provide textual links not screenshots. Note my earlier comment about link shorteners.

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