Summary card images not working for several months


Our summary card images haven’t been working for several months. This is my fourth forum post. I hope someone can help me out.

Example 1:

The validator shows a green light for the twitter:Image field, but still displays a broken image in the summary card.

The twitter:image url is a valid link:

Example tweet:

Example 2:

The validator times out fetching the image. However the image is valid is is hosted on cloudfront, so it downloads fast.

The twitter:image url:

Example tweet:




In my case I think the issue was with the robots.txt on our cdn. We forbid all robots from crawling our CDN. We only want them to crawl our site. But twitterbot checks the robots.txt before grabbing the image. I added

User-agent: Twitterbot

to robots.txt on the CDN.


And this solved the problem? Your summary Cards now work?


Yes, the are working now.


Hi, I´m afraid we are having the same issue, and I hope not to have to wait several months to fix it.

Our summary and summary_large_image cards where working just fine. But at some point images are not showing up anymore. Our robots.txt allows ANY bot to crawl the site… (no image)

What should we do? Validation tool says we are OK.


I see one here.

When I load the page, sometimes it takes 15+ seconds to get to that server from my local machine. Our system stops after 15 seconds.

I’m not sure what the issue is; are you using a CDN at all to help deliver the images easier around the world?