Summary card images: 1:1 vs 4:3 aspect ratios


Hello everyone. I’m a new developer here, perhaps my question is simply due to a misunderstanding. I’m wondering if someone could clarify for me under what conditions Twitter shall crop a summary card image to a 4:3 aspect ratio. That is, the documentation at this link states the following:

“For an expanded tweet and its detail page, the image will be cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio and resized to be displayed at 120px by 90px. The image will also be cropped and resized to 120px by 120px for use in embedded tweets.”

However, after posting my card to my twitter account, the browser’s inspector reveals that the 200x200 image in the expanded tweet is scaled down to 109x109, preserving the 1:1 aspect ratio. If I then select the “embed tweet” option from that tweet’s menu, the preview window which comes up scales the image to 89x89.
And if I use a direct link to the tweet, I’m seeing a 123x123 image. The 4:3 aspect ratio seems to be elusive, if Twitter is still enforcing it anywhere.
Here’s my sample tweet: Link

Is the documentation old, or am I perhaps misunderstanding something? Thank you for any help.