Summary Card Image Proxy bloats image size from 11kB to 72kB


I’m experimenting with “summary cards with large images”, and I noticed the proxied image is about 7 times larger than the original image. Is it possible to avoid this overhead? Here’s some background information:

web page in question:
original image url:
original image file size: 11kB
proxied image url:
proxied image file size: 72kB



First things first: the image URL in the card metadata is incorrect: it’s not but (not “.min.png” but “-min.png”).


Hi Vincent,

The url variation is an earlier typo that should no longer be affecting the twimg proxying. The current card metadata on my home page points at the correct “.min.png” url, and successfully proxies the image.

When I still had this typo in the card metadata, I could not even reach the Card Validator step that displayed the proxied image (because the typo url returned 404).


Any updates? Regardless of the details of my specific metacard setup, it’s clear that the proxied image is significantly larger than the original image. I know this is easier said than done, but ideally the twimg proxy could just proxy the original image verbatim if image postprocessing increases file size.


Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, our image proxy does some processing on our side that appears to be increasing the size. We can raise to the team here, but unlikely for a quick fix soon.


Hi Ryan, I would appreciate if you forwarded this to the dev team. Thanks for your help.