Summary Card Image Problem


We have just been approved for the Summary Large Image card but have been unable to get our images to display in either the card validator or inside our tweets although the rest of the information works fine. We realize there are minimum size requirements for the photos used in these cards and as per those specifications we have ensured our images are larger in both height and width. They are served from a CDN but our domain is approved for * so that should not be a concern.

Below are two examples urls with markup where everything works except the image:

Could someone please advise if we have overlooked something in the code or image type?


Update: We have tried with different image types and double the image size without success. We also tried switching the domains for the image to ‘www’ and other combinations without the CDN and still no luck. The validator says there is nothing wrong with the image in any instance.

Here’s a link to a tweet with the ‘error’ as well:


Is there anyone from the development team available to help? We have exhausted our own coding options trying to resolve this issue. It would be helpful to know if the problem is on Twitter’s side or on our own so we can continue to troubleshoot. Everything works except the large image.


Hi @InsiderPerks, I saw you have the same problem as I am currently facing.
I also saw you have managed to get this solved in your timeline :slight_smile:

Would you be so kind to share what it is that has solved the problem of the images not showning up in the twittercards?

Thanks a bunch!


It was an overlooked issue with robots.txt permissions. Check those very carefully as we missed it the first several times.