Suggestion: Readpoint


I have now come to a point where I am catching up on my Twitter from several media. I find it very enjoyable to be able to catch up to tweets at any time, in any place. What I find less enjoyable, is that I have to find where in my tweets I was in catching since a last update. For example, when I read my tweets from Tweetdeck, I may come across tweets I have already read via my iPhone before but my Tweetdeck can’t know about this.
My suggestion therefor is an addition to a twitter account itself called Readpoint. Anytime you are reading up on tweets, or are done catching up on for example the Twitter homepage, you would click on the left side of the tweet in the list. Here a small arrow, or bird, or other icon would appear, making it clear you were here the last you caught up with tweets. It would work like a bookmark, so to say.
Other applications would be able to see this data and skip a bunch of tweets you have already read on a different medium, thereby saving time and effort by not having to find the point in time you already caught up to.