Suggestion - Private Tweet and Private Account



I would like to warn before I start to write, English was my first language but I I will ensure that it is legible.

So I have a suggestion for a new feature “the private tweet”…But it already exists ! Not exactly.

When I write a tweet with my public account (normal tweet, not a private message) to a private twitter account…( here an example of an private account… ) …it would be interesting to have the possibility that the message can be private, nobody can read even those who do not have twitter. But only those who follow the private account and his owner.

I can have the possibility to used the private tweet only if when I mention @privateaccount
Normal tweet can be private only if I tweet to an @privateaccount. In this case I can have the possibility to use the private tweet.

The fact that you can send private messages is nice but sometimes we would also like it to remain between the community following the private account.

If me, I follow a private account. People can see what I send to the private account and depending on what is written… I would rather that it is not necessarily public, except for the person and his followers.
And I don’t wanna use “Protect my Tweets” or create a secondary account only for that.

Or an alternative feature who everyone could send private tweets.
Everyone can have the choice to make public tweet or private tweet.

  • Public Tweet : Everyone can read it.
  • Private Tweet : Only the person and his followers can read the tweet.

But I don’t very like this example because people will ensure that should follow them for read their tweet. I would prefer the first suggestion.

If, against this new feature is set up. Please, do not delete the tweet privacy.
For example, just rename it on “Private Account”

If it is incomprehensible…tell me, I’ll try to write more simple