Suggestion: Locking reply tweets


I…honestly don’t know if I’m posting this properly or with the right tags since I simply only signed in to make this particular suggestion.

I’ve noticed, as I’m sure we’ve all noticed, Twitter is quite the place for certain amounts of celebrity drama. With that drama from a simple tweet, comes an avalanche of vitriol, bias and anger from the Twitter followers towards the one tweeting or worse, who the celebrity is tweeting ‘to’. I find this to be simply unnecessary. I’m sure people have their opinions they wish to share (or force) with (onto) the person(s) that are the focus of such replies, Be they friendly criticism or large droves of hate, I feel this creates a sense of adversity against the one being tweeted at.

Now, I wont say that every person on Twitter wears a halo and is a complete angel. There’s a lot of simply nasty people in the world. But I feel when someone is replying to a tweet, they should have the option to lock their tweet from being commented on by their followers. That way things don’t simply get blown beyond out of proportion to a tweet against someone people may love that could have been completely innocent and coming from a good heart and not one of a true bigot or relatively negative person.

I’m aware that a personal messaging system is pretty much the type of system I’m describing in certain contexts. But towards replying to a tweet, it ends up being public unless you choose to take it privately. And often most tweets don’t truly matter enough that they have to be taken privately for an answer or to rectify a situation or statement. It’s honestly just a simple idea I came up with after noticing a large amount of hate and disdain towards people of differing opinions to certain popular tweeters tweets.

Often completely senseless hate, narcissism, self-righteousness, arrogance and negativity are thrown towards a particular tweeter simply because they felt a little off about someones use of a word they take seriously. Whether it be “gay” or “retarded” or other buzz words that have a much more serious connotation behind them than our common usage of such words within our current everyday lexicon. Once the popular tweeter replies to this adverse opinion, no matter what their reply may be, the followers come in, like an army of wolves that called themselves onto a scene to defend their leader against a single sheep that dared speak or think otherwise towards their leader, sometimes without the leader ever even being engaged.

I know that’s the nature of the internet however. Once you put something out onto the internet, whether it be a piece of art, a podcast, a video, or even just a tweet or topic on a forum, it’s open to all forms of criticism and types of responses both positive and negative. But I feel this slight suggestion may help provide a dam so that the flooding water of thoughtless hate and battering disdain doesn’t overwhelm a single person who may have simply been an innocent person stating their opinion that could have been ignored. Or the replier was already very aware there was no malcontent in their words and felt they deserved a reply.

But what do I know. Maybe this suggestion has already been implemented and I simply have never noticed it. Or I’m not accepting personal messaging as enough of a fix for this. But, thanks for listening and reading all the way through if you or anyone else whose important read all of my blathering.