Suggestion: Hiding followers and following number!


Hello developers,

I would like to suggest having an option in settings that allows to hide the number of followers and following in a profile. Though, one could check the following and followers list without showing a number.

I think it will be a good option since a fine percentage of people now decide to follow based on the number of followers someone has -popularity- instead of checking one’s tweets at times (To seek RTs and therefore gaining followers).
Also for others there is a “I want more followers” crisis and by applying this option the number of followers won’t matter as much.

Hope this suggestion at least looked at.
Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Since this is our developer forum, can you explain what the benefit would be to developers using the API or platform? It sounds more like an end user feature to me. Per the Developer Teatime intro post, this category is intended for the following: