Suggested Bid


In the Recent Changes section of the the Twitter Ads API documentation I noticed the following:

We have deprecated both the suggested_high_cpe_bid_local_micro and the suggested_low_cpe_bid_local_micro attributes returned for line item responses.

I can’t find anywhere else in API responses where you might get data about suggested bid levels. It is possible, however, to see suggested bid amounts in the UI at

Is Suggested Bid available in the API at all? If not, are there plans to support it, or is there an alternate strategy?


Does anyone within Twitter support have info regarding Suggested Bid values? Literally any info would be helpful.


Any updates on this issue at all? We are still awaiting a response on this. The functionality that we are looking to utilize is shown below as per the Twitter Ads UI:

Please advise.


Any updates on this issue? Bump?


This feature seems like it would be great. Chiming in here with hopes of an update!

Right now, seems like I could adjust my bidding amounts, and iterate over the reach_estimate until I get the infinite_bid_count and count to match up (thus giving me the max bid value I’d want to use). And for minimum, do the same but lower my bid until I get only 1?

Seems like a very inefficient approach, and a huge waste of API call resources!


Unfortunately this is not something that is available via our API.

We appreciate the feedback - when we are talking about our product roadmap next, we will be sure to discuss your suggestions.


Thanks @andrs, really looking forward to hear what comes out of it. Our users can really benefit from this information, and it would be great if we can give that to them!


@andrs Do you have any update on this issue?


No updates on this unfortunately, we have no immediate plans to make this sort of information available via the API.


@andrs Is there any reason why this is?