Suddenly no Card available: WARN: No metatags found


URL affected:
(and many others of my forum-sites!)

Sorry for my bad english:

For a long time “Twitter card” worked perfectly with my Website! Suddenly, since a few days ago, tweets from my website to Twitter shows no card/pic and stopped working. So I testet with Card Validator. It shows an error:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

Next I testet as suggested with “Curl -A Twitterbot (URL)” and all Twitter-metatags are visible. The source code of the website has not been changed, since Twitter Card worked without any problems.

I tried the troubleshooting steps already!

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.


ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: ChannelClosed


I’m trying to access the URL you’ve mentioned ( and getting a 403 error:

there seems to be an location based IP filtering


That’s possible. This is temprarily since beginning of 2018. We had brute-force attacks from some IPs/Provider/countries, so we had them to lock up. The Twitter-Server AND Twitterbot are NOT affected! However, the problems with Twitter Cards started last week, Jan.24.

And I see the blocked traffic in the daily error-log. There are no entries from Twitter or Twitterbot.


are you sure the Twitterbot is not blocked, i’ve just tried while changing the user-agent in curl and the call was blocked:

 ~  curl -s -A Twitterbot\?t\=9783 | grep twitter


Yes, in your case this is ok. Because your call comes from a blocked IP of “IL” currently. From MY location with the same curl-command I can see the source-code perfectly.

I have canceled the brute-force-lock and you should be able to see the page now, too.

But: Let me tell you again: This has nothing to do with the traffic from “real”-Twitter-ASN/ISP and twitterbot itself! Every access from the real Twitterbot will be passed by! This worked perfectly for years - 'til last week. I still cannot see any blocked traffic from twitter and twitterbot in the server-log. All calls from there are ok.

So I understand the error message by Card Validator:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

So there can’t be a block or anything else for Twitterbot, because the error message says itself that the page is readable (“Page fetched successfully”) and also the meta-tags for the twitter-cards are available in the “Head”-section! Logically, the Twitterbot can not be blocked by my website!

I think to solve the problem, a “Twitter”-employee would have to do a test directly with the real Twitterbot.


Looks like the site is returning HTTP 502 when the crawler tries to hit it.

<title>502 Proxy Error</title>
<h1>Proxy Error</h1>
<p>The proxy server received an invalid
response from an upstream server.<br />
The proxy server could not handle the request <em><a href="/forum/viewtopic.php/">GET&nbsp;/forum/viewtopic.php/</a></em>.<p>
Reason: <strong>Error reading from remote server</strong></p></p>

Twitter Cards has stopped
twitter cards stopped working

Thanks für your response. But I cant’t understand the 502 Proxy Error.
There is no proxy running. And I see no 502 Errors in my server error-log.
I’ve checked all possibilities!

There are no problems with Googlebot (Checked on Webmastertools), Bingbot or other crawling bots on the website.

My visitors have also reported no access errors on my site, and my own tests shows no errors at all.

This test shows, that the site ist up, too.

The problem with Twitter-Cards occurs suddenly between 23th and 24th of January without any changes on my site or the server. So I think it must be a Twitter-problem!

Is it possible that the Twitterbot comes to my site via a “proxy server” which have errors? I think there could’t be another reason for this “proxy”-error.

I’m in touch with my hoster STRATO in Germany and have set up a test-page!

This site has been testet with no errors, but only Card-Validator shows:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found


Yes, that is possible.

There are a few networking issues that we are internally working on currently and they may be related. If this is the case, we appreciate your patience while we work through our infrastructure teams, and apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

If you would be kind enough to bear with us for a few days, we can revisit whether this continues to be a problem for these sites.


Thank you very much for your help. I will wait a few days and hope, you can fix it.


It seems, that the problem has been solved. Twitter Card-Validator finds the Metatags again, and the card/pic is displayed correct on my timeline again.

Meanwhile I got a response from my provider STRATO, too. They told me, that there was no problems with their servers or my website.

Thanks for your support, @andypiper and thanks to the Twitter-Staff, too, for solving the problem so fast! :slight_smile:


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