Suddenly many fewer results in Search API -- assistance appreciated



Like previous posters here, I have recently starting experiencing a significant drop off in the number of tweets returned from a simple search request. I have been running this API routine for years with no issues, but on July 26, with no code changes at all, my search results dropped by as much as 90%. Oddly, I am able to return samples of these missed tweets when I narrow the since_id & max_id to a very small range – much smaller than has ever been necessary. Furthermore, when the range is wide, I am not even returning a full page of 100 tweets. I’ll return 60 or so, with batches missing. I am never able to return even one full set of 100. Months of averages show I should be getting about 300-400 results. Tests show that missing ones are perfectly legit and can be gotten by playing around with the since_id & max_id. Any insights would be appreciated. This drives a core app on our site and I’m needing to get to the bottom of it.

note: just noticed that the last three batches gotten on Wednesdays at 3pm are 68,68,69 – oddly similar numbers when typical numbers are considerably higher and dramatically different, such as 404, 370, 321 for the three Wednesdays before the issue began


Still no luck getting to the bottom of this. Is it possible to find out if there is some type of account-specific limiting or IP blacklisting going on? Wouldn’t be a total blacklist, as there are tweets being returned via the API, just not all one would expect. I do realize that not all tweets are indexed for the search API but that wouldn’t explain why, for a given tweet, I can retrieve it via one since_id -> max_id range but not another range – and when neither range is returning a number of tweets that would invoke rate limiting.

Would sure appreciate an explanation.