Sudden drop in volume from the Streaming API


Hi all, we have whitelisted access (or whatever it is called these days…) for the 10% stream and since two days ago we have noticed a sudden drop of volume. Our logs show that the stream was closed last Thursday around 1am UTC and once we reconnected to it we started getting less tweets. Roughly we are collecting 10% of what we used to get, so it seems we are getting the 1% stream now.

Is there anyone we can get in touch with at Twitter to check whether our keys are still granted access to the 10% stream?



Bumping this. No response anybody? Yesterday we collected only 800K tweets…

I should add we are not seeing any stall warnings and the CPU usage on our part is minimal, in line with previous performance. So it seems that the stream is just producing less data than it should be.



You initially asked this over a weekend when most of us were not working, so apologies for the slow response.

If you had any kind of existing whitelisting for the streaming API then you should already have had details of the email alias you could use to inquire about service status. If your application is not one that is associated with the Twitter account you’re using to post into this forum, please provide additional information (including Twitter account and application ID). In the meantime, I shall do what I can to investigate.


Hi Andy, thank you for your reply, and no problem for the slow response; I definitely understand this is only a community forum. Unfortunately the app is not connected to the account I am using to post. I am not aware of any email alias, but I will ask my team members. This app was created several years ago (2010) so I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody ever bothered to make sure we had all the information on file. I’ll get back to you asap.



Please don’t publicly share any email addresses or consumer keys on the forums - if you are able to share the app ID (this appears in the URL in when you’re managing the app) that would be best. Thank you.


OK, here is the ID: 394287


Thank you - we will follow up with the application owner for further discussion.